LONG FORM // Chronological Style

          Thank you for deciding to learn more about our unique perspective on wedding cinematography!  Below are a few of our favorite Full Length Chronological Style Films!

          Chronological Style Videos are unique to us in the industry! The incredible and detailed quality that you will see in these examples takes more ability, time, care, and dedication than any other company can provide.

          Most modern videography companies simply want to make short videos that wow without any substance. They wouldn't know where to start in creating elaborate, full length, multi-camera videos like these. Please take a look!

          If you would like to see everything that happens during your wedding in a structured, polished way, this editing style is perfect for you. There will be comments captured and stories found that you might not have known about. That's complete professional film production, just for you! Hire us today!

        A Chronological Style Film goes much deeper into your wedding than a Highlight Style Film. Clients have said that they are "epic," and we agree. The video runs about an hour, depending on how long your ceremony, toasts, and other formal reception actives are. 

        Your film will go in the exact order of your day. Each part of your day will be edited into its own personal creative montage, while maintaining a narrative throughout the full-length film. For example, the bride getting ready would be a montage, followed by a montage of the groom getting ready. Then, the "real-time" parts of your wedding, like the ceremony and toasts, will be just as they happened. 

        Because you agree to a longer video, we could spend eight minutes on the fun everyone is having at the family photo shoot, laughing and talking after the ceremony. We can spend more time showing children, conversations between parents, bridal party, etc. A Chronological Style Film is a historical document of your families' day. It will be adored by your parents, close relatives and future generations. 
        As an added bonus to your epic film, we throw in a creative three minute Preview, so it's the best of both worlds! Long Form and Short Form combined effortlessly. This means you're definitely not missing a beat!