Are you just Getting Married, or are you Capturing Love?

Step 1: The Meeting

We always suggest meeting up! You're new to wedding films, and it can get overwhelming. We want to Fun It Up by showing you what we do, what we have to offer, and how we are better than our competitors - it's our #1 goal!

Notice the relaxed atmosphere...the viewing of a wedding film while chilling down yogurt is a great experience! We are serious about our jobs, but we're not Hard-Sell-Discount-Quantity-Wedding-Videographers. No pressure, let the beauty flow all around you!

We also suggest meeting to discuss your budget. Every wedding is different, and if you just ask for our prices over the phone, we will tell you our standard rates. Being able to meet and learn more about your plans, locations, guest count and expectations can help us narrow down what packages would best meet your needs. So let us know what you're thinking! We're probably Game On.

Step 2: Preparation

If luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity, then you're in Luck! Getting all the details set and the equipment ready are the important steps at this stage. We will meet one more time or have a chit chat over the phone before the wedding date. This way we will check in with you to make sure everything is planned, and we know when and where we need to be. Then it's Showtime!


Step 3: The Wedding Day

We bring out the best. Just keep smiling and let your great personalities shine -  everything will be perfect! Our creativity and eye for shot composition will wow you. This is where it all happens. Everything we're capturing will be put into the computer and used to create your amazing wedding day story!

Step 4: Editing

We will spend between 50 and 100 hours creating your wedding film! You keep us up at night, and we love it! We are always working on taking the shots filmed and sounds recorded and creatively weaving the story of your day into an object of art that you can watch over and over again. Most companies have boring editing templates they use repeatedly - but not us. We try something new every day and breed innovation and awesomeness!


Step 5: Delivery

It will take two to three months to formulate your masterpiece. Not a year...we promise and deliver :-)