The Highlight Style Film

Thank you for checking out our Highlight Style Film samples!

        Our Highlight Style Films present your wedding in a fun, fast and emotional ten or thirty minute narrative film of the day’s events. No one will want to stop watching! 
        By choosing this option, you are telling us that you want us to use our creative discretion to only pick the absolute best parts of what we film to be included. We are shooting and editing for beauty and emotion. 
        We won't show your entire ceremony in real time, we will pick the most fabulous parts from your vows, ceremony, toasts and any important events.  Since we usually shoot four to five hours of raw footage per camera, we will have lots of footage to work with to create the story of your day! A Highlight Style Film's goal is to create a stylized memory that would be suitable for sharing with anyone in the world. This is for modern, chic couples, who update their Facebook pages every day!
        If you like the creative appeal of this style, but also want to go more in depth, we have the option to include a full ceremony and toast edit. This way you can stay fun AND have the content you crave. 


Marion and Andrew

15 Minute Highlight Film at the Riviera Country Club

Elain and Andrew

9 Minute Highlight Film at the Newport Beach Marriott