Reggie and Reneirdre have been one of our favorite couples from the start. They are truly happy and might I add, quite a humorous couple as well! Reggie was always checking her out at 24 Hour Fitness and Rene was always checking him out. Then one day Reneirdre came up to him. In the end Reggie used his job (Enterprise Rent A Car) to hook her up with a car when she went back to Atlanta to visit her friends/family. Let’s just say it’s a great and funny story for the “outtakes” section of their main video.
And in the end, Enterprise allowed Reggie to pick up a date and their love has blossomed ever since, as you will see in this awesome highlight!

The wedding took place at Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach! We had a great time making the highlight and a great day at their wedding! Enjoy!