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Judie and BJ / Biltmore and Majestic Halls Wedding / 5.5.12

This wedding was a stellar, fantastic revisit to the days of the Hollywood Golden Age. It is the stuff that Sunset Blvd. was based on – thankfully for Judie and BJ, the ending is happily ever after, riding off into the sunset.

Their wedding began at the vintage 1923 Millennium Biltmore Hotel. Judie had everything planned, from the dress hangers to her dolls’ red tank tops. BJ’s boys, on the other hand, had a different approach in t-shirt style, as you’ll see in the film.

We were joined by the impeccable team of photographers at Callaway Gable, who once being fashion models themselves, knew all the glam poses and are a killer husband and wife team!

Of course orchestrating this entire vintage bash was wedding coordinator Alex Rembac from Sterling Engagements. In keeping with the style, the gorgeous Majestic Halls was the backdrop for the ceremony and reception, which was built in 1921.

Judie and BJ are a remarkable couple, as you will seen in the film. BJ is a sweet southern boy who met up with a hip Los Angeles fashionista. Judie’s dress was in one word – amazing and BJ’s suit looked right out of the cast from Gone with the Wind. In the end it was fab fabulous and an amazing night!