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Jaelene and David // Old Ranch Country Club Wedding Video


Jaelene and David // Old Ranch Country Club Wedding Video

Check out Jaelene and David's preview wedding film! They got married on May 20th and it was so much fun! We loved the Hawaiian touches, the shakas and the lei exchange that went along with David's heritage. They were destined to get married - they have known each other since high school, with a connection even going back between their parents. Enjoy this vibrant wedding film at Old Ranch Country Club, one of our favorite venues in the world!

Venue: Old Ranch Country Club

Photography: Duane Peck Digital Studios

Cinematography: Charles Lauren Films

DJ: Flipside DJ



Raechel & Mark // Long Beach The Betty Reckas Cultural Center Wedding Highlight Video // 11.23.2013


This epic wedding stretched the far corners of love, and Long Beach! We started at the Residence Inn by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The ceremony and reception took place at the Betty Reckas Cultural Center on PCH.  There are so many great scenes in this film, from the "USB Cufflinks" to reading love letters, to the so-funny-it-hurts bridal party, you will love it! Check out their full Door Games video, where Mark and the guys are completely tortured!

Photography was done by John Cudal Photography.

Cinematography was done by Charles Lauren Films

Long Beach Wedding Cinematography



Yvonne & Cantrell // La Venta Inn // Wedding Cinema Highlight // 9.28.2013


Here's a Highlight Video we made for Yvonne and Cantrell! They created a night to remember for their guests - it shows on this video! The wedding took place at La Venta Inn. It was a pleasure to work with Tim Kennedy, the event coordinator, we thank him for the fun!

Photography was done by Liz Golden of J'adore Studios from Florida! She had tons of ideas, it was inspiring to work with her! Here are thephotos from the wedding.

We love Yvonne's energy and constant excitement, and Cantrell's deep insight and passion!


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Heather & David // Wedding Trailer // Saddlerock Ranch Malibu

Here is a quick trailer for Heather and David's wedding at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu this past weekend! This is such a stunning venue, the landscape is so dramatic, you can't escape it! The background of every shot is like a painting :-)

This couple, as you will see, have personality to spare - "I promise, I will never...." 

We really want to thank Kaci Mallat from Hustle & Bustle for running around all day keeping everything going. She did a remarkable job planning. 
 Photography was done by the very fun team at Scott A. Nelson Photography.

Wedding Cinema by Charles Lauren Films



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Talia and Eilon // Turnip Rose Costa Mesa Wedding Highlight // 4.28.13

Talia and Eilon are two amazing people with South African roots, who patiently waited to find the perfect love! As the song in this video says, "Everybody needs love, everybody wants love, everybody finds love, we all dream of!" 

Their relatives are so talented, we don't know what to say - just listen to the poem written just for them at the beginning of the video! 

The wedding took place at the Costa Mesa location of the Turnip Rose, and it was a glorious day! There's even a vineyard across the street where we captured some of their romantic shots! 

So get ready for some fun and enjoy the highlight! 

Wedding Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films 



Marriage is like a Team Sport

They found common ground in sports, and spent many early days falling in love at Angel Stadium. In many ways, team sports have a metaphoric association to marriage. They share a common running theme of teamwork. 

Here is some advice, from an NBA basketball coach, Mr. Pat Riley.

"There are only two options regarding commitment, you're either in, or you're out. There is no such thing as life in-between."

Summer and Tony, you made a commitment to love each other, not today, but many years ago when you first met. Since that day, there has been no life in-between - and today you are making the commitment to be a team - a team of two, forever.

In regards to teamwork, Duke's own Coach K said, "To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport. Where you have five acting as one, you become selfless."

Today, Summer and Tony, as you become a team, you must always act as one and be selfless. Two great coaches - selflessness and teamwork will be the core of your marriage.