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Ramsey's at the Club Wedding Videography


Kristy and Bar // Hotel Redbury + Ramsey's at the Club, Hollywood and Toluca Lake, CA

Kristy and Bar are an amazing couple, full of life and love! They connect together with everything, finish each other's sentences and are thrilled just carrying on conversations with each other! They are best friends and truly a perfect example of what it means to be in love. 

The day was planned by one of our favorite planners, Mary from Occasions- check out the room decorations- gorgeous! The night was kept jumping by another one of our favorites- Val from VIP DJ, she knows how to get the party started and keep it going! 

The Rabbi was now one of our new favorites- Rabbi Ian. Of course, for one he's British- so that makes him an instant hit in my book! However, his ability to make everyone feel like they belong stands out. He is a fun jokester while at the same time keeping a pretty epic message. His insight and words also made for a great voice over, so that too was fun.

The ceremony and reception took place at Ramsey's at the Club in Toluca Lake.

 All in all this was an amazing event and the highlight we made makes me want to see more of these two kindred spirits! It's a good thing they got a full length video - there is so much more fun to be had and we enjoyed making them their "feature length film" as Bar put it! Congrats you two- we had a blast and wish you much love forever and ever!