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The Bridal Party Can't Control Themselves: They Need Crab Cakes

Here is a behind the scenes video from the making of Raechel and Mark's Wedding!

It starts with the hesitant kiss...then BOOOM! Let us know if you've ever seen such a fun, wild, out of control bridal party taking photos and hanging out after the ceremony and BEFORE the reception! They order 8 shots of tequila, they can't keep their hands off the crab cakes, and Then the grand entrance happens... I'm not even sure drinking was involved - it might be their natural energy!



Chinese Wedding Door Games @ Residence Inn Long Beach Downtown

Check out this full length, detailed and very creative Chinese Door Game - the groom gets tested by the bridesmaids, to see how worthy he is of the bride!

They do many activities, here's what this great bridal party thought of and participated in:

Go around and get marital advice from 5 strangers
Yoga Poses
Sing along with the Backstreet Boys
Tasting the Four Flavors of Marriage
Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy
Make the groom read Chinese phrases
Waxing the Groom's leg
Blindfold the Groom and have him pick which hand is his bride's
5 Things he Loves About the Bride



Marriage is like a Team Sport

They found common ground in sports, and spent many early days falling in love at Angel Stadium. In many ways, team sports have a metaphoric association to marriage. They share a common running theme of teamwork. 

Here is some advice, from an NBA basketball coach, Mr. Pat Riley.

"There are only two options regarding commitment, you're either in, or you're out. There is no such thing as life in-between."

Summer and Tony, you made a commitment to love each other, not today, but many years ago when you first met. Since that day, there has been no life in-between - and today you are making the commitment to be a team - a team of two, forever.

In regards to teamwork, Duke's own Coach K said, "To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport. Where you have five acting as one, you become selfless."

Today, Summer and Tony, as you become a team, you must always act as one and be selfless. Two great coaches - selflessness and teamwork will be the core of your marriage.