Hi everyone! Charles Lauren Films just got back from a great weekend of filming the wedding of Melissa and Alex on April 21st. They had an amazing location- Coyote Hills Golf Course, with many greens and waterfalls with bridges- very opportune wedding moments. The Coyote Hills Golf Course has a great outdoor venue for shooting weddings, which is evident in many of the shots you will see in the teaser. The reception followed and the entire event was a blast-

Melissa and Alex may be in Hawaii on their honeymoon, but when they get back they will be excited to see a bit of their magical day here, on our website. I know from personal experience, having just got married- if I would have been able to see my footage 2 days after my wedding, I would’ve been in tears- so I told David, we need to serve every bride this way, having a teaser, like a trailer for a movie uploaded to our website on Monday morning the 2nd day after the wedding. Everyone knows that we spend a lot of time making wedding videos that people will cherish for years to come- but just being able to see a few beautiful clips of what was said and how you looked a few days after is priceless, not only for the couple- but the families as well- forget the photographer’s proofs! (well, just kidding), but all kidding aside, Charles Lauren Films is taking it to the next level and you can expect this kind of dedication if you decide to book your wedding videography with us. Click bellow to see the teaser clip of their wedding–