Thanks to Joanne’s maid of honor Christine, we are honored to have this clip of famous USC Coach Pete Carroll giving them the “go ahead” to fight on and last forever in their marriage. We have added this to their love story, that we will be showing at their wedding as a surprise to Andrew the groom on their wedding day, at the Ritz Carlton, in Pasadena.

Now with David’s mother as a staunch die hard UCLA Alumni, who every year wants the Bruins to kick some you know what Trojan butts, we might have been afraid to post this, for fear of rejection from her, but come on, it’s Pete Carroll!!! This isn’t the first time we’ve had this privilege, however. When working for PBS, I was fortunate enough to have the privilege of setting up our episode of USC’s Travler (the horse that Tommy Trojan rides), so USC football has always had a place in our heart- even if we are Beach Alumni. Hey, we never had a football team to support, that was nixed in the 1970’s when The Beach lost to Michigan like 10 to 180, and in the third quarter the replacements were getting broken arms from the Michigan boys. So they cancelled football forever at the Beach- so if you can’t beat them… join them. Where did that USC sweatshirt I had go to??