Anjulynn and Alex’s wedding was a great reunion for us with many of our friends. We did her sister’s wedding in 2005, so seeing all of the family members again after all these years was amazing. Anjulynn’s sister has a new baby and we are still looking for a great girl for her brother! It was one of those classic hot wedding days…high humidity, very thirsty bridal party members, people sweating!

We were lucky that photo session at Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach even happened since the Long Beach Jazz Festival was happening just to the right.

Anjulynn and Alex are very creative people who love Hans Zimmer and Star Wars, like us! For her sister’s wedding, Anjulynn and her brother (the one with the blue finger nails) made a very unique toast that I will have to post in the next few days.
The vendors were Honored Occasions and Harvard Photography.

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