I was listening to the Joseph Campbell DVD Mythos while I was editing last night and as he started talking about the Left and Right Hand Paths and the myths that go with each, I did a little search for more information. It seemed like most of the things that Kelsey and I have gone through in making our company were laid out directly on Campbell’s Left Hand Path 

It seems hard to remember, especially when people are feeling down in times like these, but our myths aren’t just there so stories can be written using their framework and convention. They aren’t there just for entertainment and movies like Star Wars, they exist in all of our minds and are archetypes because we are supposed to use their ideas to live our lives.

The myths about the Right Hand Path are about how to live in society, how to get along with others, the ways to fit in and create a sense of community. The Left Hand Path, however, is the one that most of the amazing stories are about, the ones that capture our imagination. People who go out on their own, confront challenges, aren’t taken seriously, but have a strong belief in themselves. Not surprisingly, the heros in our own world follow the exact same chronology of life events as Frodo or Luke Skywalker. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, my buddy Lakshmi Mittal, just about everyone follows the same path. As I thought about this I found a great website which outlines the events in an entrepreneur’s life and how it relates to the ordeals that the hero must go through on his journey, which is in Campbell’s book Hero With a Thousand Faces. It was pretty cool to see this structured and in writing!

Starting a business in a recession might be the perfect option for a lot of people. Companies aren’t expanding into new markets, thus leaving room if you want to sneak into a niche somewhere. In fact, most are retreating into little protective shells so they can stay in business. If you have lost your job, have some savings and have an idea about what you can do to improve the world, maybe you should consider taking the Left Hand Path and starting your own company! If you do, here is what you can expect!

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