This is a link to a book written in 1974 about what life would be like in 2010:

The year is 2010

“It is seven o’clock,” says an alarm clock hidden in the wall. Suddenly the room is filled with the sound of music. Time to get up—off the floor.

In the year 2010 you do not sleep on a bed. There are no beds, no tables, no chairs. (That would hurt) The floor is made for sitting, sleeping, and walking on. It is soft where you sit or sleep, hard where you need a table or desk.

Your home is very carefully planned.

No family lives in a house or apartment too large or too small for them. Every room has several uses. (Just about in our house!) The bedroom is also an office, and the kitchen is a living room. In 2010 there must be no wasted space. There are so many people in the world that every inch of ground must be used wisely.

In your tiny bathroom there is no tub, just a shower. (That’s no fun, I like baths!) The shower makes it very easy to keep yourself clean. There are no faucets for hot and cold water, no soap to slither out of your fingers, no need for towels.

You just set the dial for the water temperature and step in. (Totally useful!)

Water pours down from small jets in the ceiling.

Then foaming water flows over you. More water rinses you. Finally, a blast of warm air (if I lived under a blow dryer) comes from vents in the side of the shower to dry you.

Now you are ready to put your clothes on.

In the year 2010 everyone wears a jumpsuit and shoes. The clothes may look odd, but they are sensible. (I don’t think that would ever happen – Kelsey needs her shoes no matter what decade!) The jumpsuits and shoes are made in thousands of colors, from a material so light you can hardly feel it. The material keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

…You can see how fun this is – click on the link to keep reading the predictions!