Main Entry:

Function: noun

Etymology: Early 21st century, from Old American.

Definition: A company’s way of documenting events in life through any medium; whose objective in life is to always be capturing it’s moments so they may be viewed in the future at any time, by any generation.

That being said…

WE LOVE being wedding documentarians and capturing life’s little pleasures that come through our lenses! We are always so excited at the thought of what we will be photographing/filming; the characters, the places, the time of year, the weather, the foliage and fauna, the food, the style and so much more! The thing that makes us the most excited however; is when we see the result of our work. Before the final cut is made in a film we’ve shot or we touch a filter in photoshop to accentuate that picture that was already oh so amazing- we know we’ve made history! We’ve made the couple’s history. We are the historical documentarian for their children and their grandchildren to come- showing how things were so beautiful back then and full of love, how everything was started!