Hey Everyone!!! Mark your calendars, this Sunday February 28, 2010 I will be speaking at Backstage Bridal! An event held at High Profile Productions which we showcased earlier this week. Amazing wedding planner Tami Brown of Celebrate! With Tami Brown will be taking the helm in a Q &A with our company. She told me to think Oprah, so I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!

Speaking of close ups, Jessica deBen extraordinaire makeup artist will be doing my hair and makeup so I look simply fab! We will be recording the event, so don’t worry if you can’t attend, we will have a highlight of the day and a full recording of my presentation- unless I get cold feet and look like a moron, then we will have a full recording of Milo our pet monkey doing the hokey pokee.  By the way many of you may have seen the knew Kia commercial for the the Kia Sorrento with the sock monkey and his friends. I am a genius apparently because I already made a sock monkey film with Milo our sock monkey pet. You can preview the film True West, a documentary about our vacation to Santa Fe with my family, soon. Be prepared for 20 minutes of snow, fun, food and travel- watch out Samantha Brown I maybe be coming to a Travel Channel near you!

Anyway… I digress. Come see what wedding Films are all about- and the good news brides to be I have 10 free tickets  to the event!! So if you want to come, email us and we can hook you up VIP style, and who said your local wedding filmmaker can’t hook you up! Be there or be a wet noodle! Ciao!