This is Annie and Manny’s opening to their wedding film. They were an awesome couple to work with. Manny is a pilot for American Airlinesand often flies to Hawaii- good times! His most memorable flights have been to South America where he’s had to wear oxygen masks when going over the Andes! Then there’s Annie, a beautiful, fun and great person to be around! You might notice her carrying a feather around…this is because she is Native American and they are her father’s feathers. Which is totally cool! Here’s a link to some Native American Wedding Traditions, in case anyone is interested in learning more.

Kelsey thought it was very interesting, since she is 1/16 Cherokee Indian and we have never had a Native American bride before! The song used is their favorite song- so it’s a little dramatic- it is the theme from The Last of the Mohicans- Enjoy!