Kelsey had an absolutely fabulous time filming Selly and Joon’s wedding on April 11, 2010. It took place in one of our favorite locations- theWest Lake Village Inn! We just keep coming back!  This day was extra special because we got to work with Caroline Tran Photography, Caroline and her husband. We love her work, it’s whimsical, passionate and she is just killer kewl to work with!

We also loved this crowd since they hailed from UCLA! We are Cal State Long Beach alums, but UCLA was our second choice- since it’s a fab school too! We learned an interesting new adaptation of a cheer that mocks their rival, who shall remain nameless, but let’s just say we like the new take on the cheer! Selly and Joon are a perfect match, they are so outgoing it’s contagious! But, most importantly they are strong determined individuals who are madly in love. We have great hopes for their marriage and future life together- I can’t stop seeing them smile. Congrats once more you two!