Laura and Steve are an awesome couple and have an awesome bridal party! This is a great example of what a wedding video can and is suppose to do for you. It turns out that one of my best friends (and a bridesmaid at my wedding) Amanda, has been dating Jimmy (the best man of this wedding and brother of Steve) for a few years now. We were all super excited that Laura and Steve wanted to book us! Then they told us their date- and we were already booked on another wedding! We can always do 2 a day- having a creative lead on each- David on one and I on one. But this meant David would be going to Laura’s and I another. I was bummed to say the least! But it turns out I didn’t have to be! With the magic of video it was like I was there! As I was editing this highlight I got the inside scoop. So, even though I didn’t get to attend- Charles Lauren Films came through and made me feel as if I was actually there! Awesome! I knew we made wedding films for a reason!

So anyway- what have we learned? Friends, book us way in advance, because we are popular!  And potential clients, you should also plan in advance, since we want to do your wedding too! Anyway-

Laura and Steve- Congrats once again- we are so happy for you both!! You can learn more about this amazing duo and their friends by watching their Love Story video 

Photography was by our friends Kristin and Mark from inGRACE photography.