This wedding was like hanging out with old friends. Elain Tong had come to us in 2007 looking for a wedding videographer for her brother, Darick. He was in San Francisco, so she took over the meeting and greeting of potential vendors for his wedding day. As you might have guessed, they booked us and we had a fabulous time capturing the love on Darick and Nori’s wedding day!

Well, Elain being the smart cookie she is, knew that she had picked the best of the best team for Darick’s wedding, so there was no need to reinvent the wheel! Elain hired the same fabulous vendors once again for her wedding. We were joined by Jon Barber for the photography and Wendy Dhal for the event coordination, which made the day awesome!

Andrew is the perfect fit for Elain, he’s just a great guy. I remember first meeting him at our office and he asked if there was a Five Guys close by, at the time there wasn’t. Nowadays there is, so I think he used his famous logic and easy going style to bring us one! The main thing you can see is that Elain is so happy, she just bubbles whenever he is around and that’s something we love to see, as you shall soon see in the film we made! Congrats to Elain and Andrew and the entire Tong/Kahn family!