This is the wedding of the Year! Okay, I know- I am not trying to play favorites. We loved everyone’s wedding we filmed this year, of course! The reason this one has become my ultimate favorite, is simply because it is a stepping stone in our company’s development of a True Cinema Wedding.

It doesn’t matter that we filmed Alekhine’s brother’s wedding just a year ago and already knew these guys in and out. It doesn’t matter that Cecilia is beautiful and the venue, The Parker in Palm Springs is a retro blessing from heaven to shoot at. It doesn’t matter that we got to work with the life altering talents of Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser of The Image Is Found…although, all of those reasons help! 

The reason I am so in love with this highlight we are showing you, is that we actually filmed it, with a 35mm film camera. It is what we’ve been looking for since we left film school and started our company… depth of field. It is why movies move us and video has limits. If you want your day documented it is true that the 35mm camera does little to provide this. But if you are like us- who are charged with an emotional desire to film what is beautiful and romantic in this world, this is an eye opener. I am always a sap for unrequited love, that’s really what moves our world. I had been looking for a camera to fall in love with, but I always had come up short. My unrequited love for the perfect camera was akin to Rose and Jack , or our star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. I was even in line with Werther and Lotte (from the Sorrows of Young Werther) to be forever denied my beauty. But good news has come on film’s foot. I have found my love in Alekhine and Cecilia, Kristin and Mark, Lisa and Ryan and all the weddings of tomorrow. We have always claimed to be the Wedding Cinema Company- which was pretty true, but now we are. This is what we were born to become.

Oh and by the way Congratulations once more Cecilia and Alekhine, we hope this film moves you as much as it moved us- and of course there is more to come!