Erin and Eric are two amazing individuals full of passion and love. If you notice throughout the film, they are constantly smiling at and with each other- it’s so awesome!! Their family and friends are a big part of who they are and why they are where they are today. It took place at Triunfo Creek Vineyards, which is all outdoors, so we always love that! The kissing under the sycamores is especially our favorite part!!

We had a stellar team with us to pull it off, one of favorite planners Alex Rembac coordinated the event. Then, thanks to Erin’s Mom, the design style was pretty much all her- down to the hearts where each bridesmaid and groomsman stood- love the DIY additions to the wedding- so cool! Taking the awesome photos was none other than our favorite photo company Donald Norris! 

So we had a blast the entire time, everything turned out perfect in the end for Erin and Eric and of course it would. Anyone who watches The Amazing Race every weekend would have the perfect day and perfect wedding! So congrats, Erin and Eric, and we wish you love and happiness and fun- remember life is always about the Race and not the destination!

Location: Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Event Coordinator: Sterling Engagements

Photographer: Donald Norris Photography

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films