A few years ago a bride-to-be came to us named Adrienne...and at the time, who could have guessed that her story would lead to another wedding that we would be blessed to capture! We knew Jacqui just before she was off to Med school - before Nicholas was even a glisten in her eye. We hoped someday, as wedding professionals do, that we would get to tell her love story - but back then we wished her well on her new adventure in Chicago. Fast forward 5 years and we get a call from Jacqui that she has finished school and met the man of her dreams - and they want us to capture their day! Awesome, we love it when a plan comes together! ;-)

  This is their story, and we were happy to capture it, so it can be relived forever and ever. Now we just have to wait 20 or so more years for Adri and Jacqui's kids to have their wedding day and it will come full circle- but no pressure Jacqui and Nicholas! ;-) 


Wedding Planner: Mary Sushinski from OCCASIONS

The Ceremony Venue: St. Brendan Church

The Reception Venue: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Priest: Father Michael Wakefield

Floral Design: Lotus & Lily

Disc Jockey: Red Shoe 

Photography: Miki & Sonja Photography

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films


Los Angeles Wedding Cinematography and Hollywood Wedding Cinematography