Looking for the perfect white wedding dress for 2015? Well, wait a second, I said white right? How did that trend even manifest? In Victorian times, women just wore their “Sunday Best” dresses and that was that! It wasn’t until 1839 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert that a new style was set. As you may have noticed this style has lasted more than 170+ years, leave it to the Brits! Queen Victoria’s dress was made of white satin and was trimmed with orange blossoms. The train was 18 feet long gals- I’m glad that that trend didn’t stick or we’d have a rather dull reception. Just imagine the time it would take to bustle that up- geesh! All in all the white gown was a hit and we are improving on the idea ever since! 

If you haven’t found that perfect dress yet, fear not it’s out there for you! But in case yore getting desperate and before you fly off to Filene’s Basment in Boston- Oh wait they aren’t there anymore- maybe look to Pasadena! After all, it’s the city that starts the New Year off for everyone with their gorgeous Parade- why not look for a gorgeous dress there! I was filming a wedding with Sean Mason and he told me about his wife’s dress shop- the Ivory Boutique. I checked it out- a fun place! It’s at 803 Meridian Avenue, in South Pasadena. So go for it and maybe you’ll have you’re Steve Martin Father of the Bride moment- heheh. Gotta love Pasadena!