A perfect Southern California summer day, with a side of rain! Alyse met with us over a year ago, she had seen a friend’s wedding film that we captured, and she knew she wanted the same thing for her wedding day. David wanted whatever made Alyse happy, hence they booked us. Ever since that day, the spunk and fun that this couple shares gives us goosebumps. They fit so well together and love so real, it’s epic! What none of us expected was a rainstorm in July, especially since California is in full scale drought mode. But we can only conclude that their match must have inspired some tears of joy from above and that the rain was a result of that! ;-) 

They began getting ready in downtown LA at the Omni Hotel, then headed to St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church, were the reception would also be held. Talk about wow, their Priest was phenomenal, although a Croatian Church- he did some of the mass in Italian for Alyse’s side of the family- talk about talent! Then there was his singing- well let’s just say we might as well have been in Rome! But the fun didn’t stop there, the reception was a blast. As the rain poured down in buckets, we partied the night away with fun and love and some really good Croatian food, talk about yum! ;-)

Everything was amazing, check out the film we were inspired to make! Once again, congrats Alyse and David!!