Wedding Videography that Captures Love . . .

Welcome to the Charles Lauren Films (CLF) Blog. This is a place for our clients to come and see the trends that CLF is setting in the wedding videography industry, but most importantly a place to have just a little bit of laughter, because let’s face it we all need a place to laugh.

What can we expect from the CLF Blog?

If you’re one of our clients and have recently been married- expect to see your highlight reel posted for friends and family to enjoy and watch over and over again.

If you’re thinking about becoming one of our clients- expect to see other couples highlight reels posted for screenings, and don’t forget your handkerchief, because remember this is going to be you sometime in the future….

The thoughts of our company, what we’ve been going through, what we are up do, technical updates and the like.

The FYI section, what we have noticed happening to the wedding industry, things to consider when tying the knot, sensational ideas and the like.