Kelsey Lauren and David Charles have now officially tied the knot. The wedding videographers have wed themselves. So is married life any different? Yes… Did we have any stresses up to or on the wedding? Yes… Can we edit better films now because we’ve been in the shoes of our clients? Yes!Stay tuned… for tomorrow Kelsey Lauren (KL) will give you the post bridal play by play- as for David Charles (DC) “I’m just glad it’s over so we can get back to doing what we love- filming weddings, not that I didn’t love marrying KL, but you know the score. Strangely enough-but true, event after event only gets better. Each wedding we film has a special unique touch, different than the previous and different than the next. Because of this factor- it makes my job, filming weddings, truly something I want to go back to work for, day after day, year after year.