“ t e m p o r a l

d i s t o r t i o n”

One might ask….What gives video its true emotional impact? CLF would answer- Temporal distortion. Although videos emotional impact is not limited to this reason alone, but temporal distortion does play a significant role in the way we view the images we see on the screen. Now what do we mean by this- again this goes back to the theory of wedding/ event videographers as memory keepers that have access to time travel.In our wedding videos we often show the ceremony taking place and then overlay an audio sound file of the best man giving a toast- thus reconfiguring the way the event was presented in real time, lending to a temporal distortion- moving through the dimensions of time however we see fit, to present the event in the best light possible. Go to www.temporaldistortion.tv to learn more on how temporal distortion is the key to filming biographies .