“m a r r i a g e”

Until 3 weeks ago, I had had no personal knowledge of what it takes to be a bride, other than behind the lens. Sure you know how to capture the first dance, getting great push in shots with the steady cam for the emotional first dance that leads the couple into the “forever and a day, say I do club”- I could always convey the emotion that the bride and groom were going through- but to actually feel it, is a whole other story. An awakening of a now tangible memory that will be held to my heart for years to come, as a keepsake and testament to the love we vowed to honor and uphold just hours before… and the great thing about that is, it was all recorded.

As the years fade the image could lessen in purity and my memory could falter- but whatever happens, no matter what, the image will stay pure, the memory will forever be kept, because I did what every bride must do, have it captured on video. Of course I did, I am a wedding videographer- but it only stressed to myself how important our job actually is. Wedding videographers are the memory keepers, that have access to time travel- to take anyone, anywhere they want to go in time. For anyone who says the time machine hasn’t been built yet, I laugh at them. CLF has been building it for 5 years- and we keep adding to the archives, event after event.