This was a fantastic day for us and Alvin + Ann Marie! They had amazing locations so we were able to get some amazing shots. It also helped that Alvin and Ann Marie are so in love. Their pre-ceremony was at the Hilton in Long Beach- which is where they had their first look.  We teamed up with Nate and Jaclyn from The Image is Found who are super creative photographers, so we worked well together, since we like being super creative too!

Their wedding then went to St. Anthony’s church and then the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA). Being at MOLAA was awesome because through our years in Long Beach we’ve done many video projects for them. We have seen MOLAA become what it is today, thanks in large part to the former museum director, Gregorio Luke. He has now left that position, since the museum is finally completed. If he had not been the vision behind the museum Alvin and Ann wouldn’t have had such a cool dive to have their reception at!

All in all everything turned out amazing, as you will see from this clip. Congratulations once more to Alvin and Ann Marie- you guys are truly one of a kind!