Our groom Matt decided to have a little fun. He wasn’t suppose to see Kerry before hand, but Kerry inadvertently left her wedding dress at the house- so Matt had to bring it to her. We secretly think that she did it on purpose to see Matt beforehand!

So here is Matt with no video training whatsoever filming his wedding day. No offense Matt, but we can see why it is necessary to hire a professional!  And how very important it is not to assume “Uncle Joe” will get those amazing shots. Your wedding day is the most important day in your life- and the biggest regret of all brides is not hiring a videographer.

We all know we are in a bit of an economic crunch, but don’t crunch out in videography just to save a few dollars for your honeymoon- it is your wedding day, a once in a lifetime event, so go ahead splurge a little …. you will be glad you did.