It's almost here! Yes, we are 23 days out until Valentine's Day!!! So, from now until Valentine's Day we will be offering some tips and fun to make the most of Valentine's Day 2015! No matter if you're off to the Empire State Building to meet Tom Hanks, or sitting down to watch Gable and Colbert fall in love, or even heading off to the carnival with Ryan Gosling- we are here for 23 days of love.

So here's our 1st tip! Take this link: and make it your homepage for the next 23 days! Nothing will get you in the mood more and perhaps give a hint to that special someone that Valentine's Day is almost here! Once you do this you are ready for Tip 2! 

Since that was relatively easy, we will give away Tip 2, just to get the ball rolling. Nothing says it better than a love note! I was recently reading the February issue of Country Living  , yes I am a country girl at heart! In the section of "What Is It Worth?" I found a delightful idea. I had originally thought of this idea as well, due to a Hallmark Card- but that's beside the point! What's important is this reader from Georgia says, "My Boyfriend gave me this working typewriter- complete with a carrying case, manual and love note- on our first Valentine's Day." This is a fabulous idea boys, especially if your girl likes to write! Also, in the CL magazine there is a picture of one and it's pink!

It is to say the least very adorable! So if you are looking for something a little less rosy and better for the figure, why not a typewriter with a love note?! Or maybe you can do all three, after all, it is Valentine's Day! Oh btw, where can you get a pink typewriter? As always, Etsy my favorite online shopping spot- here's a link to help you find the write (get it?) one! Enjoy!

And if you want to see a typewriter in action at a wedding, check out the beginning of Xiaomi and Andrew's video: