Most California's are sunny people, I am wedding wise- but for days of editing and just hanging out in my woodland backyard, the rain suits me nicely. Which brings me to Tip 3, for coming up to Valentine's Day! Since we are almost in the month of LOVE! Brining on the rain means bringing on the cloudy, which means you'll need a little more light than usual to brighten up a room!! Nothing says it better, than giving your loved one a candle and a jar of matches! Not following me? First, pick their favorite scent and get that candle - Vanilla is one of the # 1 scents for people, so that's a win win choice. However, for myself I like the Yankee Candle Pacific Coconut  candle. It has a gorgeous smell to it! Okay, so we have our candle, now get some matches and tie a note to them saying- "We're the perfect Match!" and you've got a winner! At least in my book! Now all we need is some rain! ;-)