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Alyse and David // Omni Los Angeles and St. Anthony's Croation Church Wedding Film


Alyse and David // Omni Los Angeles and St. Anthony's Croation Church Wedding Film

A perfect Southern California summer day, with a side of rain! Alyse met with us over a year ago, she had seen a friend’s wedding film that we captured, and she knew she wanted the same thing for her wedding day. David wanted whatever made Alyse happy, hence they booked us. Ever since that day, the spunk and fun that this couple shares gives us goosebumps. They fit so well together and love so real, it’s epic! What none of us expected was a rainstorm in July, especially since California is in full scale drought mode. But we can only conclude that their match must have inspired some tears of joy from above and that the rain was a result of that! ;-) 

They began getting ready in downtown LA at the Omni Hotel, then headed to St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church, were the reception would also be held. Talk about wow, their Priest was phenomenal, although a Croatian Church- he did some of the mass in Italian for Alyse’s side of the family- talk about talent! Then there was his singing- well let’s just say we might as well have been in Rome! But the fun didn’t stop there, the reception was a blast. As the rain poured down in buckets, we partied the night away with fun and love and some really good Croatian food, talk about yum! ;-)

Everything was amazing, check out the film we were inspired to make! Once again, congrats Alyse and David!!


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Ana and Nicholas // Wedding Trailer // 9.6.2014 + Beverly Wilshire Hotel and St. Vincent De Paul

This is the trailer for Ana and Nicholas, a quick video to show some of the fun we had at their wedding last weekend!

They got ready and had the reception at the Beverly Wilshire, an unbelievably cool place. The ceremony took place at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, an unbelievable beautiful place. It came together with their amazing family and friends, who were unbelievable to get to know. See a pattern here? Enjoy!


Reception Venue:  Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Ceremony Venue: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Wedding Planner: Mary Dann Wedding and Party Coordinators

Photographer: Megan Stark

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films


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Brittany and Aaron / June 7, 2014 / Beverly Hills Four Seasons Wedding Highlight

Brittany and Aaron's wedding took place at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. This was a day of white orchids, family love and true happiness. In the vows and speeches you can see how closely knit the sisters, brothers and friends are to each other and what an awesome effect they have on each other. Magical. We wish nothing but the best for Brittany, Aaron and their families! Congrats once more!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Event Planner: Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Photographer: Lin and Jirsa Photography

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films



Erin and Eric // Triunfo Creek Vineyards Wedding Movie // 6.14.14 (Official)

Erin and Eric are two amazing individuals full of passion and love. If you notice throughout the film, they are constantly smiling at and with each other- it’s so awesome!! Their family and friends are a big part of who they are and why they are where they are today. It took place at Triunfo Creek Vineyards, which is all outdoors, so we always love that! The kissing under the sycamores is especially our favorite part!!

We had a stellar team with us to pull it off, one of favorite planners Alex Rembac coordinated the event. Then, thanks to Erin’s Mom, the design style was pretty much all her- down to the hearts where each bridesmaid and groomsman stood- love the DIY additions to the wedding- so cool! Taking the awesome photos was none other than our favorite photo company Donald Norris! 

So we had a blast the entire time, everything turned out perfect in the end for Erin and Eric and of course it would. Anyone who watches The Amazing Race every weekend would have the perfect day and perfect wedding! So congrats, Erin and Eric, and we wish you love and happiness and fun- remember life is always about the Race and not the destination!

Location: Triunfo Creek Vineyards

Event Coordinator: Sterling Engagements

Photographer: Donald Norris Photography

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films


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Stephanie and Alex // Ebell of Los Angeles and Orlando Hotel Wedding Film // 5.25.2014

The official 99 Days of Summer began with Stephanie and Alex’s wedding at one of our fav locations, The Ebell of Los Angeles! Alex, in his vows, tells us that he never tires of Stephanie’s enthusiasm - and that pretty much sums up this couple. They both are highly enthusiastic about everything!! We love it. Their friends and family are an amazing addition to this lovable couple, and their story is told in the film below!


Venue: The Ebell of Los Angeles

Hotel: The Orlando

Wedding Coordination: All You Need Is Love Events

Officiant: Roger Lundblade from Great Officiants

Photography: Pony Lovin

Cinematography: Charles Lauren Films

Floral: Holly Flora

Band: West Coast Music


Los Angeles Wedding Cinematography

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Jacqueline and Nicholas // Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, St. Brendan Catholic Church, California // 6.8.2013

  A few years ago a bride-to-be came to us named Adrienne...and at the time, who could have guessed that her story would lead to another wedding that we would be blessed to capture! We knew Jacqui just before she was off to Med school - before Nicholas was even a glisten in her eye. We hoped someday, as wedding professionals do, that we would get to tell her love story - but back then we wished her well on her new adventure in Chicago. Fast forward 5 years and we get a call from Jacqui that she has finished school and met the man of her dreams - and they want us to capture their day! Awesome, we love it when a plan comes together! ;-)

  This is their story, and we were happy to capture it, so it can be relived forever and ever. Now we just have to wait 20 or so more years for Adri and Jacqui's kids to have their wedding day and it will come full circle- but no pressure Jacqui and Nicholas! ;-) 


Wedding Planner: Mary Sushinski from OCCASIONS

The Ceremony Venue: St. Brendan Church

The Reception Venue: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Priest: Father Michael Wakefield

Floral Design: Lotus & Lily

Disc Jockey: Red Shoe 

Photography: Miki & Sonja Photography

Cinematographer: Charles Lauren Films


Los Angeles Wedding Cinematography and Hollywood Wedding Cinematography